John Wrigley Owner, Winemaker and Vineyard Manager

John was raised on the farm and ranch homesteaded by his family in the early 1900’s. The ranch was approximately 1200 acres in size and also had cattle, sheep and hogs. Life’s lessons taught John about farming and taking care of animals. He uses those lessons now to manage and develop his own family vineyard.

The search for the J Wrigley Vineyard began in 2005 and ended with the purchase of the estate property in December 2006. Preparation and planting of the vineyard took an additional two years.Similarly, John’s winemaking experience has been self taught and fed by a passion for more knowledge on the subject.

His first experience with winemaking was shortly after college with an experiment using plums and other fruit. Gradually opportunities to acquire wine-grapes led to several vintages of purchased fruit from other vineyards.

The 2011 harvest was the first opportunity for John to make wine from estate grown fruit with pint noir and pinot gris finding its way to barrel. Expressing his true farming heritage, John’s winemaking philosophy is minimal intervention in the winery to allow the vineyard to express itself through the wine.


Jody Wrigley Owner

With a long love of wines, Jody met John on a trip to Oregon.  It was at that first meeting the two knew they were not only going to share a love of wine, but also a love for each other and building what is now known as J Wrigley Vineyards.

Jody and John have invested their heart and soul in developing this family business.  As it is often said, “Planting a vineyard and making wine is a lifestyle!”  With the help of their team, John and Jody continue to share their passion with wine lovers One Glass At A Time!


Melissa Slough Tasting Room and Winery Operations

Melissa joined the J Wrigley Team in the fall of 2014 and has been a wonderful asset. Her positive disposition, strong work ethic and long list of skills has made her invaluable in so many areas of our growing business.

Melissa will make you feel right at home whenever you visit!



Rick Imholte Tasting Room Support

Rick was born and raised in Cincinnati and left to join the Air Force and see the world. After 4 years in Biloxi, MS he returned to civilian life in Redmond, WA. Upon graduating from University of Washington with a degree in Nursing, Rick took to the road in pursuit of an exciting career.

His travels took him back to Ohio, San Diego where he met his wife Janet. With their 2 sons they moved to Wisconsin. Rick returned to the Air Force and eventually retired in 2007 after spending time in Texas, Florida, Washington, Arizona and Utah.

Rick and Janet decided to move to McMinnville in 2010 and once arriving got involved in wine tasting and collecting…with great passion!  He “retired” again in Dec 2015 and found a spot with the J Wrigley family. We are thrilled to have him on our team!


Alyx Slough Tasting Room Support

Alyx is a great addition to our J Wrigley family. She has a contagious smile and a gracious attitude, you’ll love visiting the tasting room whenever she is here!

Alyx grew up in the local area and graduated from Western Oregon University. She has a great love of wine and knowledge and is continually learning all she can.